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Is the Median Income the Only Factor in Deciding if Chapter Seven is Allowed?

Q: "If your income is below the median income for your state, does the bankruptcy court automatically assume you are not trying to abuse the system and allow you to file for Chapter 7? Or are there further guidelines you must follow regarding your income, expenses, and disposable income? Also, can you include a car payment in your expenses if you are giving it up, since you are still under contract to pay it?"

Conflicting information, North Carolina

A: As to your first question, there hasn't been a definitive consensus by the courts (and probably won't be for years). The majority of courts have held that your current monthly budget (income and expenses) is another factor that must be analyzed in addition to the means test in determining eligibility. For example, if you are below the median income on the means test, but your current monthly income/expense budget shows a surplus, the US Trustee will likely move to convert your case to a Chapter 13 repayment Plan.

Your second question is also an unsettled area of law. A strict reading of the new laws allows you to amortize the contractual payments that are due on any secured debt (vehicles or otherwise) over the next 60 months FOR THE MEANS TEST. However, you clearly cannot include that expense on your current expense budget (Schedule "J") if you intend to surrender the collateral. Thus, once again, there may be a disparity between your eligibility under the means test and your current monthly budget.

Can You Owe Back Taxes on a Vehicle Years After a Bankruptcy?

Q: "19 years ago chapter 7 was filed due to wrecking a leased vehicle that was not covered under insurance due to dealership error. The vehicle was a total loss. The debt was discharged but now the IRS is saying that back taxes are owed on the part of the debt that was charged off in bankruptcy. Is this normal practice after so many years?"

Signed: The past is coming back, Georgia

A: This doesn't sound right to me. Section 108, I believe, of the Internal Revenue Code, specifically excludes from income any debt "forgiven" in a bankruptcy case. Thus, it cannot be taxable. However, certain tax attributes (such as capital loss carryforwards, etc.) may be affected for the year in question. 19 years ago is a long time though and I honestly don't know if the IRS section I just gave you was in effect then. I assume it was, but you should check with a tax attorney who has knowledge of bankruptcy laws.

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