Will My Bankruptcy be Public Information In New Jersey?

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When filing for bankruptcy in New Jersey, it is critical to understand the implications of the process. While it is much more important to focus on the particular benefits that filing bankruptcy will offer to you, in terms of your financial situation, for some it is also important to maintain a positive public view. The fact is, in the state of New Jersey, anyone who wishes to learn about your bankruptcy can do so. It is part of public record.

Anyone Can View It?

While bankruptcy is a part of public record in all bankruptcy cases in New Jersey, this does not mean it is easy to get. Individuals can learn about the bankruptcy of any business or individual by simply filling out some documentation on the New Jersey Bankruptcy Court's website to request a copy of that record. However, take a look at the information that is necessary to have to pull this information:

  • The court location where the bankruptcy took place
  • Case file name
  • The case file number
  • The transfer number
  • The Agency box number
  • The NARA location number

In addition to this, the individual requesting such documents must pay a fee for them. In other words, while this is public information about you, it is unlikely that anyone will know about your bankruptcy filing. In most situations, people will learn about that you are filing for bankruptcy in New Jersey because you, or someone else, has informed them.

In cases of businesses, especially those with stockholders, it is easier to obtain records on bankruptcy. In many cases, media outlets will broadcast this information.

Keep in Mind

Before you consider filing bankruptcy in New Jersey, remember that there are other options around this public record. Some people will benefit from working through debt settlement. Others will benefit by working through credit counseling. However, for those who cannot use these services and who are struggling financially, bankruptcy is the best route to take. It no longer has the negative stigma that it once had, either. Many people have been pushed into bankruptcy due to uncontrollable factors, such as an upside down mortgage or medical bills. Consider the personal impact on bankruptcy rather than the public information.

Hiring an Attorney

For those filing bankruptcy in New Jersey, it is critical to get the process started properly. Use an attorney to help you. If you feel that you are a victim of a crime in some way, an attorney can help you to prove this as well.