Filing Bankruptcy to Discharge Medical Bills

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Discharging Your Medical Bills

High medical bills are one of the most common reasons for personal bankruptcy filings all over the nation. In fact, many studies suggest that in recent years, medical bills have been the most common reason for bankruptcy in America. This is not surprising when you consider the fact that health care costs are soaring to new highs. Medical care is not cheap, yet it is something that all of us need at sometime during our lives. For many individuals, medical bills can become so high they may have no realistic hope of ever paying them off. For those individuals who qualify, bankruptcy is often the best option of resolving medical debt and starting anew.

Why So Many Individuals Accrue High Medical Debts

There are several reasons why individuals accrue high medical debts that seem to be almost impossible to ever pay down. While every case is unique, there are few common reasons why so many people have medical debts far in excess of their ability to pay.

Lack of Insurance or Inadequate Insurance

Many individuals simply do not have insurance. Maybe they have lost their job or have simply chosen not to be covered. For these individuals, a serious medical problem can result in expensive health care that is not covered. The average American simply can’t afford to cover their own medical insurance for serious medical problems and catastrophic injuries. Others may have insufficient insurance and are forced to pay for surgeries or treatment that is not covered by a basic plan. For both of these types of people, medical expenses can rise to a level where bankruptcy may be the only option out.

Unknown Bills and Procedures

The medical billing process is not always an easy thing. In fact, most patients probably have no idea what they will be charged when they leave a doctor’s office or a hospital. Even more concerning is the fact that most people are never told prior to receiving medical care what that care will cost. Moreover, patients often have no idea when their medical bills will come due. These billing practices in the medical industry create uncertainties making it almost impossible for patients to budget for medical expenses.


Becoming unemployed can mean you are losing medical insurance and income. The combination of the two can be devastating to a person in need of expensive medical care. Currently, unemployment is at high not seen in several decades. This is likely one reason 1 bankruptcies dues to medical debts are on the rise.

Help From Utah Bankruptcy Lawyers

For those drowning in medical debt there is help. If you or someone you know has accrued medical expenses far in excess of your current ability to pay, you should speak with a bankruptcy lawyer right away. You can prevent or even stop garnishments in most cases. At Salcido Law Firm, our teams of Utah Bankruptcy Attorneys have helped numerous individuals with high medical debts get a fresh start. For more information you can call 801.414.1753.

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